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Come Together

by Jeanie B! and the Jelly Beans

Released 2018
Rockmam Records
Released 2018
Rockmam Records
Come Together is a compilation of songs for young children that are interactive and educational while being fun and entertaining as well. This CD is perfect for the Pre-school classroom as it also has 14 songs to transition children between activities.
Jeanie B! has been teaching music to young children in the classroom and beyond since 2003. Her knowledge and expertise in the art of creating and performing music for the young child is unmatched. She has toured the country performing concerts, residencies and workshops for young children and the teachers who teach them. Her engaging style is contagious and inspiring and the songs on Come Together were compiled for her audience of young children as well as for the classroom teachers, librarians, and caregivers who work with them. Every song is interactive, accessible and simply presented for the young ear. Teachers will find a welcome collection of 14 songs to use in transitioning children between activities! Everything is easier with a song! Enjoy!
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