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Tired Town

by Jeanie B! and the Jelly Beans

Released 2015
Rockmam Records
Released 2015
Rockmam Records
Bedtime is a special time for kids. Make bedtime memories that last with music! Starting with two dance numbers, then Bath time, Jammies, read a book then off to snuggles and Tired Town. This CD is made with love for that priceless time of the day!
My music comes from my heart. I am a Mother and a grown up child! I love children and the childhood experience and reflect that in my music. Tired Town is my 5th CD for kids and it's a journey into sleep for kids and their families. Starting with the dance party and bath, then jammies, book and snuggles Tired town takes you through bedtime musically! I've written so many love songs for my kids and others kids I had to put them into this compilation. I hope you enjoy the ride!
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