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Bath Time

Jeanie B! and The Jelly Beans
Jeanie B! and The Jelly Beans


Bath time can be a great bonding time for kids and parents. This is a very soothing song that helps to set the tone and suggest the order in which to wash our body parts! I think I need a bubble bath right now! Mmmmmmm


Bath time, (bath time) Bath time, (bath time)

To start you run the water (not too hot)

At bath time (bath time)

Then you plug the bathtub up (find your rubber duck)

At bath time (bath time)

First you wash your face (while the water’s clean and safe)

At bath time (bath time)

Then you gotta wash your hair (‘cause your Mommy really cares)

At bath time (bath time)


Wet your hair complete

Lather, rinse, repeat.

At bath time (bath time) bath time (bath time)


Next you wash your arms and legs (don’t forget your pits)

At bath time (bath time)

Then you gotta wash your tummy (rub a dub dubby)

At bath time (bath time)

It’s hard to wash your back (a friend can help with that)

At bath time (bath time)

Don’t forget your stinky feet (to smell them is no treat)

At bath time (bath time)


The last thing that you clean

Is your tinky and your bottom please


At bath time (bath time), bath time, (bath time)

Bath time (put bath toys away)

Bath time (now it’s time to play)

Bath time (pull the plug it swirls away)

Bath time (bath time)

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