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Dog's Life

Jeanie B! and the Jelly Beans
Jeanie B! and the Jelly Beans


I love puns and this is my super punny song about animals. See if you can think of some more animal puns...



Cows like to go to the mooovies

And horses make pretty good neigh-bors

Sheep always tie up my baaathroom

And a dog’s life is ruff


Verse 1:

Snakes are always hisssterical

Cats think they’re so purrfect!

Owls don’t know who, who they are

My Donkey, hee’s abraisive




Verse 2:

Birds are just so tweet!                                     

Ducks quack me up                                          

Don’t loan a toad your newspaper ‘cause he’ll just Ripit!  




Verse 3:

I knew a mouse that squeaked by in school     

He was basically a cheetah                              

In New York City Geese drive the cabs (honk honk)   

A squirrel’s whole life is nuts                                         




Verse 4:

If you mix a cocker spaniel with a Golden doodle you get a     

Cocker golden doodle do.  Isn’t that a Rooster?                     

If a frog swims in a pond do you know how deep it is? (STOP)  

Well it’s knee deep of course!  




Repeat “a dog’s life is ruff” 

I think we had enough!!          

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