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Jeanie B! and the Jelly Beans
Jeanie B! and the Jelly Beans


Make this your morning anthem! My youngest son used to wake up and when I would ask how he was feeling he'd exclaim "Great"! Find your Joy with your family and dance along!


Verse 1

I wake up               

With a smile on my face  

Exclaim I’m feelin’ great how ‘bout you?  

I wake up  

With a song in my heart  

‘Cause the day’s about to start  

And I can’t wait to take my part how ‘bout you? 



I’ve got joy, joy, joy every morning noon and night  

I’ve got joy from my shoulders to my toes   

I’ve got joy in my head I got joy in my heart  

I’ve got joy, joy, joy in my soul  


Verse 2

Go to school    

Haven’t been since yesterday  

I’ve got lots to say how ‘bout you  

After lunch   

I’m with my friends we’re having fun 

I wish more of them would come  

I’ve got a smile for everyone how ‘bout you? 



You get back what you give, that’s what I’m thinking of                

So Joy is how I live with gratitude and love, gratitude and Love     


Verse 3

Late at night  

I snuggle with someone I love  

I thank the stars above for another day  

Go to sleep  

With a smile on my face  

‘Cause I love this human race 

I got another day to face how ‘bout you? 




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