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Mealtime Shuffle

Jeanie B! and The Jelly Beans
Jeanie B! and The Jelly Beans


I was looking for an apartment and toured one that had a family at home and there was a little guy in his high chair having dinner. He was wearing most of it! Cutest thing ever! Didn't get the apartment but got the song! I love how that works!


Somebody hose me down

I look like a rodeo clown

Just finished all my peas

I’m green down to my knees


Somebody wipe me up

I unscrewed my sippy cup

I’m sitting in a mess

You just got me dressed


I’ve got carrots in my hair, as if I really care

I change my clothes more times than Cindy Crawford

‘cause I eat everything I’m offered

I could have eaten more

But it fell on the floor


Somebody rinse me off

I’m drenched in applesauce

Peaches are on my toes

Squash inside my nose


This solid food is great

Better than finger paint

Another thing that’s neat

I’m now a doggy treat        

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