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Nose Bubbles

JeanieB! and the Jelly Beans
JeanieB! and the Jelly Beans


I originally wrote this song about a kid with a bad cold who was blowing nose bubbles of snot. I wrote the whole song and played it for my kids. (Always first to hear my songs and critique and veto) They were only  5 and 7 but made it clear that it was too gross and would not sell!! Ha Ha Ha! I cleaned it up and here it is!!


Just the other day I thought I’d get a drink

I wish that I had just gone over to the sink

But I went to the cupboard and I found a can

Now I don’t know how much more that I can stand



I’m blowin’ nose bubbles, yeah I drank some soap

I’m blowin’ nose bubbles, thought that it was Coke

I’m blowin’ nose bubbles, hey now it’s no joke

Every time that I breathe out I’m blowin’ bubbles out my snout



Then I blew a bubble that was twice my size           

The wind picked up and blew me up into the sky       

My nose bubble it flew me all around the world        

Then it popped I fell like rocks                                   

I got hurt bad I’m really mad from                               



Nose bubbles                                   

Yeah I drank some soap                  

I’m blowin’ nose bubbles                

Thought that it was Coke                 

I’m blowin’ nose bubbles                

Hey now it’s no joke                             

Every time that I breathe out              

I’m blowin’ bubbles out my snout  


End Chorus:

Nose bubbles                           

Yeah I feel real sick                 

I’m blowin’ nose bubbles        

This is quite a trick                   

I’m blowin’ nose bubbles        

Learned my lesson and how     

Every time I’m thirsty              

Gonna drink water now            



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