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Please Don't Pick Your Nose

Jeanie B! and the Jelly Beans
Jeanie B! and the Jelly Beans


I was asked by the teachers at Cherry Preschool in Evanston IL to write a song to help with the epidemic of nose picking in their classrooms. Here it is... a PSA for the little pickers!


There are lots of special things that you can pick

Making the right choices can be quite a trick

Picking out your clothes and pick your food right

And pick a windy day to fly a kite

Pick your favorite color, and have a favorite song

Pick the right friends and you can’t go wrong

But please, please, please

Don’t pick your nose.


If there’s an issue get a tissue please go find a box

Scotties, Puffs or Kleenex, fill it with your snot

Your fingers touch things that other people do

And no one likes your boogers except for maybe you

So please, please, please

Don’t pick your nose.


There are many cool things your fingers can do

Snap, clap and wiggle just to name just a few

They can play guitar, piano maybe flute

And sign in ASL and even tie your shoes

I know that it is tempting, there’s holes, your fingers fit

And it’s fun to dig around for those juicy little bits

But really it’s disgusting so please remember this

For others in the room, it makes us feel a little sick

So please, please, please Don’t pick your nose no, no, no, no nose.

Please, please, please Don’t pick your nose, It’s gross.

Don’t pick your nose, it’s really gross

Don’t pick your nose.

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