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When I'm Older

Jeanie B! and the Jelly Beans
Jeanie B! and the Jelly Beans


It's hard to be young sometimes and we always want what the older kids have or get frustrated with younger kids who can't do what we can. Chill out, everything in good time. When you're older.


Verse:1 Part 1

Baby he can’t walk, Baby he can’t talk                               

Sleeps all day, up all night , Baby he can’t walk                  

Can’t feed himself, looks like an elf                                      

Spits up a ton, but he’s lots of fun, can’t feed himself    

Verse:1 Part 2

But when my baby’s older, He’s gonna run real fast    

Eat more than Mom, It will be the bomb                      

When my baby’s older                                                  


Verse:2 Part 1

Sister she can’t read, Don’t know her ABC’s  

Gets into all my things, Wears water wings  

Sister she can’t read   

Verse:2 Part 2

But when my sister’s older, she’ll read Moby Dick

Share all her toys with me, Swim the seven seas

When my sister’s older   


Verse:3 Part 1

Daddy he can’t stop, Wound up like a clock  

Works and plays real hard, helps me rake the yard 

Daddy he can’t stop    

Verse:3 Part 2

But when my Daddy’s older, He won’t go to work  

He’ll just hang with me, Golf and watch TV  

When my Daddy’s older  



To be a kid is where it’s at, I’m really glad I’m in it           

Don’t get me wrong from this here song                             

I wouldn’t trade a minute                                                      



Verse:4 Part 1

Can’t stay home alone, Don’t have my own cell phone    

Can’t surf the internet, no bedroom TV set 

Can’t stay home alone   

Verse:4 Part 2

But when I’m older, I’m gonna drive a car     

Call my friends all night, Have my own website  

When I’m older, yeah when I’m older……

When I’m older

When I’m older yeah, yeah, yeah when I’m older!

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