From the recording CPR

I had the good fortune to fall in love with a man who had PTSD. He left me unexpectedly and I didn't hear from him for 5 months. He had a meltdown apparently and couldn't be amongst the living for that time. PTSD will do that for you. This is for him. I pray every person who has served our country will get the help they need to combat PTSD and be able to return to normal life after war.


The days they pass like years while your silence stings my ears
I weep and call your name but its all, all in vain
You’ve left me for no reason, when love, love was still in season
My heart is so confused, was it loved or being used
I’m starting to forget the joy from when we met
Starting to forget your touch and how it felt
I’m starting to forget how I ever loved you
I wish I could in turn show you how it burns
But it’s not within my heart to be that cruel or sharp
Salted cut it stings, to lose this magic thing
I trusted you my heart, you left it to starve
My pain is not contagious, To fear that seems outrageous
Even though you hide, I still want you by my side
But, I’m starting to forget, your voice, your taste, your breath
I starting to forget, and how I do regret that I’m
Starting to forget how I ever loved you 
Starting to forget
And Baby I really loved you